Divorce by Publication

Case Facts This is the divorce case for Mr. Davis, who resides in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. This is a divorce case by publication since Mr. Davis does not know the whereabouts of his spouse. Here are the facts as we know them: the parties were married on May 28, 2008 in Buffalo New York. […]


Will Divorce Affect My Immigration Status?

A divorce case will typically not affect one’s immigration status in general. However, there are occasions where divorce in combination with additional circumstances can affect someone’s immigration status. Typically, if there is no fraud involved, then the fact of divorce should not affect one’s immigration status. If, on the other hand, the marriage was based […]


Divorce Case Study

Divorce Case Study Family Details This is the divorce case study for the family name Ralls, which is being changed to protect the confidential nature of the consultation. The family resides in Great Lakes, Lake County, Illinois and they are here to consult with regard to a divorce. The couple was married on April 16, […]



Illinois Divorces: In essence what this new law will do, once it becomes effective (January 1, 2015) is that it creates a formulaic, uniform, method for divorce Judges and attorneys to calculate spousal maintenance, formerly alimony, (where the parties combined Gross income does not exceed $250,000.00 per year) if and when maintenance is deemed appropriate. […]


Reducing Child Support Obligations

When Circumstances Change If you owe child support and you lose your job (or your monthly income is reduced due to a loss of hours at work or involuntary furloughs or other reasons) it is important that you immediately bring this matter to the Court’s attention so that your child support payments can be reduced […]

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