Child custody basics from a divorce lawyer in Aurora

Divorce can be an ugly and emotional experience and can be even more so for children. When children are a part of the divorce proceedings, child custody must be determined to ensure that the child is cared for in a manner as close to normal as possible.

What is child custody?

Child custody is a legal decision, which is meant to determine which parent will be responsible to care for the day-to-day requirements of the children. This care includes health, housing, education, religion, and any activities in which they participate. When both parents have custody (joint custody), they are both involved in the decision making regarding the children. If only one parent has custody, that parent is responsible for making decisions that will best benefit the children.

Determining who gets custody

Determination of who gets custody can be easy, or incredibly difficult. In some cases, the judge will take the child’s wishes into consideration, but most of the time, child custody is determined by which parent has the desire and/or the means to support the child. There are custody cases in which the parent has the desire to raise the child, but does not have the means; child support may be required at this point.

Child custody does not mean child support

Winning child custody doesn’t automatically mean that you will receive child support. If you are able to care for the child and provide them with a lifestyle to which they are accustomed, the judge may not require that the other parent pay support. What determines the level of child support, if any? Child support is calculated differently in each state, and it depends on many factors, including income and amount of time spent with the child. You can know exactly how much child support to expect if you work with a divorce lawyer in Aurora who has an in depth knowledge of family law.

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