Divorcing Couples With Children (Communication Is Paramount)

Communication Is The Key: Lack of effective communication is a major reason why couples divorce. When there are minor children involved, the communication becomes paramount.  Obtaining a divorce does not eliminate the need and importance of communication between the parties as it relates to minor children.  As the divorce mediator explains in the video below, […]


Divorce Forms For Pro Se Filers

Self-Help Divorce Forms Although there are plenty of forms available for pro se filers, it may not be the best use of your precious time.  There simply is no comparison between a seasoned professional and an amateur.  You cannot expect to understand your way around a divorce case by handling it yourself for the first […]


Mediation & Divorce

The video below touches upon the role and function of mediation in a divorce case.  Mediation is considered a settlement conference so the mediator cannot be issued a subpoena to divulge information that was obtained during mediation.  In many cases, mediation can be a tool to move the parties closer to a full settlement.  By having an independent person […]


Appearance Form For Chicago Divorce Lawyers Filing In Cook County

When To File The Appearance If you have been served with a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, you or your attorney that you hire will need to file an appearance with the Clerk of Court.  This appearance (shown below) is the Respondent’s admission to the contest.  If no appearance is filed, then the Petitioner can […]


How Is Child Custody Decided In A Divorce Case?

There are number of factors that go into deciding who is going to have legal custody of the minor child. The most important item and determining factor is the best interest of the child standard. The court will also utilize experts to evaluate the situation and to report back to the court. These individuals include […]


When Discovery Is Not Forthcoming

What do you do in a divorce case when you propound discovery requests however opposing counsel has not complied? You can simply wait it out and not much will happen. Or, you can bring a motion to compel to bring the issue to the court’s attention. If you take the affirmative step in bringing a […]


Will Your Divorce Case Take Years To Finalize?

In my 23 years of practice, I have seen divorce cases settle in a matter of days and I’ve seen them linger on indefinitely. So what type of case are you going to have? It all starts with the parties. Do you have a reasonable spouse? Do you have a spouse that is willing and […]


Division of Pension Benefits and Divorce

Pension and other retirement benefits earned during the marriage are marital property subject to division by the court. This video depicts a certain situation where the parties were together for 20 years however only married for six. Only the value of the pension earned during the six years of marriage are subject to division. The […]


How much do I owe for my child’s school tuition in Divorce?

In a divorce case, child support is awarded to the custodial parent pursuant to the state of Illinois statutory guidelines for support. That support typically terminates upon emancipation of the minor child. However, there is a provision in the Illinois marriage and dissolution of marriage act, section 513, which talks about post high school educational […]

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