Divorce Forms For Pro Se Filers

Self-Help Divorce Forms

Although there are plenty of forms available for pro se filers, it may not be the best use of your precious time.  There simply is no comparison between a seasoned professional and an amateur.  You cannot expect to understand your way around a divorce case by handling it yourself for the first time.  The court does make the form available as well as sample pleadings that you can research at the law library and alter to make your own.  However, just having the forms is not the answer.  You really need the advice of a divorce or family law attorney who knows what is allowed under the law and the proper way of obtaining the desired relief.

Getting It Right

Add to the mix the necessity to file electronically and you can imaging the steep learning curve to even get a motion or pleading in front of the court at the right date, time and room.  Don’t forget that notice must be given to the other side and in some cases, courtesy copies to the judge.  Take the advice of others who have filed pro se using the available court forms and seek a competent divorce attorney in your local area.  The money that you pay for professional services will likely be worth the effort in the long run.