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Corey M. Bandes

Attorney Corey M. Bandes

Corey M. Bandes is the lead attorney of the Law offices of Corey M. Bandes in Chicago, Illinois. He graduated from State University of new York at Albany (SUnY) in 1982 and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. He earned his Juris Doctor degree from the John Marhsall Law School in 1985. For his entire twenty-three years of private practice, Mr. Bandes has concentrated in the areas of divorce and family law. He has helped thousands through the most difficult period of life by providing sound advice, including, but not limited to divorce, custody, support, visitation, paternity and maintenance. He has also provided excellent service to his clients dealing with adoptions, guardianships and estates. As a veteran practitioner in cook county, Mr. Bandes is well respected by opposing counsel and highly regarded by the numerous Judges within the circuit court.