Will County Final Divorce Court Dates

When courtroom is to be announced in the County of Will, there are circumstances where the specific courtroom in which a prove-up is to be held is unknown. The Will County Clerk’s office posts the room numbers on printouts for all parties to view. The location for a particular case can be viewed by attorneys and non-attorneys. The clerk’s office posts sheets for each domestic relations judge. These printouts will have a list of cases that they are hearing that day. Every judge has their own individual list, therefore, it is crucial to know who the judge is in your case.

The printouts are posted on the second floor near the County Clerk’s office. When walking out of the bank of elevators in the courthouse, the Clerk’s office is to the left. The printouts are on clipboards which will be on the wall next to the Clerk’s office. Please make sure that the printouts are for the correct date and correct judge. If you do not see your name, the judge in your case, or the correct date, simply walk to the Clerk’s Office and ask them to assist you. Please remember to check the printout first for your room location prior to going to the Clerk’s office.