Advice for a stress free divorce in Chicago

Ending a marriage is not a pleasant experience; it can be one of the most difficult times in your life. However, with some careful planning and an experienced attorney, the stress can be minimized or eliminated. The attorneys at David M. Siegel and associates strive to simplify divorce and family law cases as much as possible. They believe that if both parties and their respective attorneys maintain realistic expectations and can keep the lines of communication open, the process can be less stressful for everyone involved.

Before proceeding with a divorce, it is in your best interests to be fully prepared; some things should be considered first. When possible, an amicable divorce will take less of a toll on both spouse’s finances and emotions. If the parties can agree on the issues involved in legally ending a relationship, an uncontested divorce is possible.

This is usually easier when there aren’t children or significant marital assets involved. However, if the parties can agree on the matters of debt, assets, spousal maintenance, as well as child custody, visitation and support, a stress free resolution can be achieved.

When the combative environment is replaced with the common goal of reaching an agreement peacefully, the marriage can be ended without destroying a couple’s children and bank account. The economic downturn and an increased awareness of the affect divorce can have on children’s lives has made a friendly divorce an attractive option for most people. They understand that there are no winners in a divorce riddled with motives of revenge, only loss on both sides.

The following guidelines can facilitate a friendly divorce:

  • Seek to understand what happened instead of placing blame
  • Work to discover your own mistakes in the relationship and how to correct them
  • Collaborate and share the decision making, don’t make the same mistakes in your divorce that you did in your marriage
  • Strive for a fair and equitable settlement, don’t be overly selfish or generous
  • Find a counselor or trusted mentor to talk through your myriad of emotions
  • Divorce emotionally, accept the fact that the relationship is over and remember that there will be a life after divorce
  • Carefully choose your attorney for their experience, familiarity with the Chicago court system, and track record

The attorneys at David M. Siegel and associates have skillfully guided many clients to a stress free solution, but have aggressively defended the rights of their clients when necessary. Call (847) 520-8100 for a consultation today.