The benefits of an uncontested divorce

In divorce, as in marriage, friendliness and understanding trumps acrimony every time. Not all marriage breakups have to turn into long, painful, expensive battles. In some cases, the couple can reach a settlement on their own, addressing all of the issues involved in the divorce. When parties can work collaboratively to disengage from the marriage and reach an amicable solution, the outcome is more positive for everyone involved.

If a couple is truly in agreement, an uncontested divorce can minimize the financial and emotional toll on everyone, and the parties can get on with their lives. It especially makes sense when the value of the marital assets doesn’t justify the expense of an extended legal battle. Even if a couple doesn’t agree about everything in the beginning, if they are committed to reaching a speedy conclusion and are willing to negotiate, an uncontested divorce is possible. This allows the couple to remain in charge of the settlement decisions, reduces the drama the family is exposed to, and lays the foundation for a cordial future relationship.

Even when planning an uncontested divorce, it is wise to seek legal counsel, because there are very important legal ramifications that will affect your future. An attorney can help you resolve your marriage inexpensively and efficiently. When handled well, and both parties fully cooperate, the dissolution of marriage may be complete in as little as 30 days once the couple has lived separately and apart for six months. Additionally, proceedings that began as a simple divorce can turn contentious when new demands or unexpected issues develop.

It requires a high degree cooperation to come to a fair and equitable agreement on delicate issues such as spousal maintenance, division of debt and property, child custody, visitation time, and child support. An attorney will help you ascertain that important aspects of the settlement, such as taxes, college, and insurance, to name a few, are not overlooked. A mistake in any of these areas can be much more costly than the fees for legal guidance.

The attorneys at David M. Siegel and Associates will work to facilitate a speedy resolution while looking out for your best interests. Moreover, if the situation deteriorates into a legal battle, they will aggressively protect your rights in and out of the courtroom. To have the experts by your side in this difficult time, call (847) 520-8100 and schedule a consultation for your assurance and peace of mind.