Choosing the Right Divorce Attorney

Divorce cases are very complicated. For that reason, you want someone who has experience in handling divorce cases as well as knowledge of the court system. If you hire an experienced attorney, you are going to get advantages in that that attorney is going to be able to advise you with what is and what is not allowable or probable under your circumstances.

The right divorce attorney is going to be very familiar with the process of the court, will be very familiar with the judges in the court, and will be extremely aware and knowledgeable of the divorce laws that are contained in the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act.

You want to make sure that you’re hiring a divorce attorney not just on price but on the total package of price, education, knowledge, skill, and experience. I have found that many attorneys simply overcharge for divorce cases and provide very little in the way of measurable results.

I suggest that you interview several attorneys before selecting one. Make sure that you feel comfortable with that attorney, because you are going to have a long working relationship with that person. You want to visit the law firm, visit the office, see if you’re treated with respect, see if it looks like they know what they’re doing, see if they get back to you, and see if they’re able to provide you with any referrals or any written material on the subject.

Many lawyers have a website these days. Many lawyers can splash up anything on that website. I recommend that you absorb everything on the website and then make an appointment to meet one-on-one. Many divorce attorneys will offer a free initial consultation; some will not. you feel it’s in your best interest to pay for the initial consultation or seek the initiation consultation where it’s complimentary.

I typically offer a free initial consultation because I feel that if I’m not being hired, then I don’t want to charge. I want to have an educated client, so I am willing to provide 20 minutes of my time so that I can answer the questions of the prospective client and basically prove to that client that I am a good fit, I’m knowledgeable, I’m experienced, I’ve written material on the subject, and I’m eager to help.

Divorce is a difficult enough process. You don’t want to have a difficult situation with your attorney. You want to be free to contact your attorney and know that you’re going to get good service at reasonable rates with the knowledge and experience to make the case go successfully.