Dissolution (dissolving) of marriage in Chicago

Ending a marriage is a serious, life-changing step. It is in your best interest to consult a seasoned divorce attorney who has extensive experience with the Chicago court system, as the attorneys at David M. Siegel and Associates do. They have the knowledge and ability to fight for your rights aggressively in court if the need arises, but they first seek an amicable resolution. They believe that if both spouses and their respective lawyers have realistic expectations, the difficulties of dissolving your marriage can be reduced.

When the pain, anguish, and conflict of a divorce can be lessened, it reduces the emotional and financial toll on both spouses. When children are involved, the less conflict there is between the parents, the easier time they will have adjusting to the changes in their lives. Many couples, with the advice of their lawyers, can reach a fair and equitable agreement on the many issues that must be resolved. Numerous issues must be settled, such as:

  • Property Distribution – Any marital property of value must be dealt with. This includes, but is not limited to, credit cards, bank accounts, retirement plans, time-shares, partnerships, corporations, art, antiques, real estate, contents of safety deposit boxes, jewelry, insurance policies, even burial plots must be taken into consideration. In addition, any marital debt must be divided equitably as well.
  • Maintenance (alimony) – It must be determined if either spouse will make payments to the other spouse, and if so, the duration of those payments.
  • Child Custody – The wellbeing of the children, their relationship with each parent, their education, physical health, emotional health, and their wishes need to be taken into account when outlining the details of custody and visitation rights.
  • Child Support – The Illinois courts have guidelines that are used to calculate the amount of support that will be paid.

When these issues can be discussed and resolved between the spouses and their attorneys in a fair and just manner, the negative impacts of a divorce can be minimized. An amicable divorce makes it easier for both parties to move on with their lives, there is less financial devastation, and when children are involved it is immeasurably beneficial for them.

If you are facing the prospect of a divorce, seek the help of attorneys who will help you reach an amicable dissolution if possible, but will aggressively defend your rights if matters become contentious. Call (847) 520-8100 for immediate assistance from attorneys that you can trust to guide you through this difficult time.