Divorce Services

Divorce services include comprehensive legal services from inception to conclusion. Each case starts with an initial consultation. During that time, an attorney will determine what is involved with the case and what potential issues will need to be resolved. Additionally, the attorney will answer questions of the prospective client and attempt to shed light on the range of outcomes that occur in a dissolution case.

If the client is prepared to move forward with the case, the attorney will draft either a Petition in a contested case or a complete set of documents in an uncontested case. From there, the case will either complete within four to six weeks or it could last for several years. In either event, divorce services continue throughout the case until such time that the matter is finalized with a Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage, signed by the presiding Judge.

In some high profile cases or cases involving vast amounts of assets, other professionals will have to be retained to assist the attorney and client. These divorce services include valuing specific property (businesses, pensions, retirement benefits) and/or experts in the case of child custody disputes. Thus, divorce services can include far more than just an attorney.