Before seeking a divorce, try Chicago marriage counseling

Many couples remain in a troubled marriage until the unhappiness and resentment builds to a point that they feel that divorce is their only option. They will initially hide their misery for the sake of peace, hoping that things will change and get better. Others try everything they can think of to give the marriage a chance before they call it quits. Unfortunately, the thing both types have in common is that they rarely seek marriage counseling. They don’t seek the guidance of a professional to give their marriage a better chance.

Few of us have the relationship skills to solve the problems of a troubled marriage. You may think that you are doing everything possible to save the marriage and restore happiness, but counselors have specialized training in these matters. Many benefits are offered by marriage counseling:

  • A counselor will teach you how to communicate openly and clearly without anger or resentment.
  • A counselor will teach you how to be firm and assertive, rather than insulting or offensive. Both parties need to be able to speak freely about their problems without fear of retribution or of hurting the other party. A counselor can guide communications so that the spouses can get what they need without being demanding or starting a conflict.
  • A counselor will teach you how to work through and process unresolved issues. Counseling creates a safe harbor to express any dissatisfaction and unhappiness you may be feeling. A trained professional can help you express all of your views and feelings so they can be openly discussed. This may be all that is needed to see the situation clearly. You will know whether you spouse is willing to work with you to resolve the problems in your relationship. If they are not, you can leave the relationship guilt free, because you know you have done what you can, and you have a clearer picture of how much your spouse values the marriage.
  • A counselor will help you have a deeper understanding of who your spouse is and who you are as well. You will have a better idea of whether your marriage can be amended to meet your needs or not.
  • Marriage counseling can prevent you from making a decision that you will later regret.

If you have explored all of your options and determined a divorce is the right choice for you, an experienced divorce attorney, such as those at David M. Siegel and Associates can guide you process, protecting your rights and your future. Call (847) 520-8100 to schedule a consultation.