Chicago family therapy can ease the effects when a marriage ends

There can be lasting effects for everyone, parents and children alike when a marriage is terminated. Although some individuals are able to handle the situation easily, most struggle with their emotions. Even if everyone involved knew that the divorce was coming, the actual event can still be an emotional shock.

Now, the person you depended on for certain responsibilities is gone. When the children are in bed, and everything quiets down for the night, an extreme sense of being alone can set in. Children can be the most acutely affected by separation. Their school grades can begin to slip, they can be restless and begin acting up, and they may even have nightmares at night.

Family therapy can ease this very difficult process of adjusting to separation. If the children are having difficulty, it is important that they have a neutral party to talk to, so they can say the things they might be unwilling to discuss with Mom or Dad. Family therapy can help them understand events that are so dramatically affecting their lives. It is important that their routines be left intact as much as possible. The custodial parent needs to fill the areas that the other spouse took care of.

Most therapists classify this as a time of grieving, and that is especially true for children. They typically mourn the loss of the absent parent. It is slightly different for the parents. They had at least some control over the breakup of the marriage; they may even be the one that instigated it. Guilt is an emotion that both parents may have to deal with when they see their children suffering. Family therapy can help restore some degree of balance in the lives and emotions of adults and children alike.

Family therapy can help everyone learn about themselves, their emotions, as well as how to deal with those emotions. It gives individuals the tools to manage relationships, both close and troubled, that were a part of the former family unit. As everyone understands themselves and the new family dynamics better, acceptance and therefore healing becomes a reality.

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