Chicago Divorce & Family Law

You will find a wealth of knowledge in the resources on this site; we have informative videos, sample documents, and articles concerning divorce and family law. Divorce can be one of the most devastating experiences in life, both emotionally and financially. When facing a divorce or other family law issue, you are at your most vulnerable, and it is very easy to base your decisions on emotion. Your relationship with your children, your property, and your money will be affected by the decisions made early in the process, it is crucial to seek counsel.

One of the first, and most important, decisions you will make is choosing the right law firm to guide you through this difficult process. The attorneys at Corey M. Bandes and Associates have the skill, knowledge, and experience, to ensure the full protection of your legal rights. We handle matters with compassion and sensitivity to minimize the impact of divorce on you and your family.

We always first attempt to negotiate, if a settlement can be reached, it is more likely to preserve healthy relationships between family members. If this strategy is successful, it minimizes the emotional impact of divorce, as well as significantly lowering the overall financial impact. We believe that cases can be simplified if everyone maintains realistic expectations. However, we have the experience and familiarity with the Chicago court system to take your case to trial aggressively if other options fail.

When everything you have and care about is on the line, consult Corey M. Bandes and Associates, our team of attorneys is comprised of some of the brightest legal minds in Chicago. We are easily available for consultation with offices in downtown Chicago. Please call with questions or to speak with an attorney.

We are results-driven, and dedicated to guiding you through this stressful time with understanding and exceptional legal advice. Call (312) 456-9309 today for immediate assistance.