Differentiating divorce lawyers in Chicago

No matter how amicably both parties behave, divorce is difficult. You naturally struggle with feelings of sadness, hurt, guilt, and apprehension. You want a clean separation and a secure future. That makes your choice of a divorce lawyer critical.

Your attorney will be your confidant, legal advisor, financial guide, and protector throughout the process. He should:

  • Be trustworthy. He will need access to your tax returns and many other aspects of your personal life. After you interview a potential candidate ask yourself, “Am I comfortable talking with him about these matters? Do I feel confident he will view my situation with an open mind? Will his guidance be in accordance with the law?”
  • Put your children and you first. The question of whether you have children and your desires on their behalf should come up almost immediately in your interview. Throughout the conversation, you should have a strong sense that he has your best interest in mind.
  • Be open to your opinions. You seek his legal direction for a good outcome to your case, but keep in mind that the attorney works for you. He should be open to your requests, explain your options, and readily answer questions.
  • Be realistic. Setting improbable expectations at an initial interview will not help you in the long-term. If what he’s telling you sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Utilize technology effectively. Your attorney will need access to a myriad of data, and be required to make timely filings. Try to be sure that he is up-to-date with the most efficient methods.
  • Be great at solving problems. You’ll want an attorney who can analyze problems from multiple points of view and come up with workable solutions to keep the process moving.
  • Stay calm. Various points in the divorce will be stressful. It’s important that your attorney is able to stay calm, especially since you may not be able to do so.
  • Be tough. He’s got to keep the proceedings on track and fight for your interests, in private deliberations or in a courtroom.
  • Be experienced. In order to gauge probabilities, he needs to be familiar with the judge, the jurisdiction, and other lawyers in the area.
  • Make a good presentation. It will not help your case if your attorney makes a poor impression in appearance or preparation.

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