Top three questions to ask a divorce lawyer in Wheeling

Marriage is a union of two imperfect people that can be a beautiful and lasting union, but there are times when a marriage becomes difficult or unfulfilling. When difficulties arise and there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground, divorce might be your only option. Before deciding to take that first step toward divorce filing, you should ask your chosen divorce lawyer three questions.

Question #1: What are my rights?

Every person who enters into marriage within the United States is given certain rights pertaining to that marriage. It is your responsibility to know what those rights are so that you can decide how to proceed. Are you entitled to support? Who gets the children? Can you keep the house? Do you have to change your last name? Was there a prenuptial agreement? Was there a post-nuptial agreement?

Question #2: Can I file for spousal support?

During your marriage you were able to live a lifestyle according to the income made through the head of the household or jointly. After divorce, you may be entitled to monetary support from your spouse to continue living in a style to which you’ve grown accustomed.

Question #3: How do we determine the division of assets?

Before the marriage took place, you were two separate individuals with separate sets of assets. Once you were married, everything you purchased or obtained during the course of the marriage becomes the joint property of both spouses. When the marriage ends, where is the line drawn? Who gets what? Was the house listed among your spouse’s assets in the prenuptial agreement?

Divorce is a difficult and emotional journey that should not be taken alone. If you have questions, no matter how silly they may seem, you need to ask a divorce lawyer with the compassion to be sensitive and the experience to be successful. To learn more about filing for divorce in Illinois, contact a divorce lawyer in Wheeling with the skills needed to get the support you require while protecting your rights. David Siegel and his professional legal staff are on hand to provide you with all of the information necessary for making the right decision for you and your family.