The prenuptial agreement: protect your assets with the help of a divorce lawyer in Waukegan

Legally speaking, everything you’ve earned, purchased, obtained through gifting or award, or inherited, is yours to do with as you wish. You are an individual with the rights of an individual. When you marry, your status will change from individual to couple, and that means your assets and property may become the property of your spouse as well.

This doesn’t have to be the case in every marriage.

If you have the forethought to speak with your intended and draft a prenuptial agreement, you can enter into your marriage with the security of knowing if your marriage were to end, the assets you came into the marriage with will leave the marriage with you. With a prenuptial agreement, your possessions remain your possessions, no matter which direction the marriage goes.

Weddings happen every day. However, sometimes a marriage cannot stand the test of time, the pressures of life, or the consequences of infidelity. How do you protect yourself when your marriage falls apart?

The prenuptial agreement is a binding legal contract drawn between two individuals before the marriage takes place. This contract will include a detailed list of each individual’s assets (properties, bank assets, debts, investments, and children from previous relationships) that are brought with them into the union. If a marriage were to dissolve, the prenuptial agreement will stand as a guideline by which the marital assets are divided.

You’ve spent years building a life on your own, accumulating assets that you are proud to call your own. If your marriage dissolves, why should everything you worked for before your marriage be lost? You should be able to leave the marriage with your assets, properties, and reputation intact. To learn more about prenuptial agreements or to speak with a divorce lawyer in Waukegan about what to include in a prenuptial agreement, contact the legal professionals at the law offices of David Siegel. Call today for your free initial consultation.