Reducing Child Support Obligations

When Circumstances Change

If you owe child support and you lose your job (or your monthly income is reduced due to a loss of hours at work or involuntary furloughs or other reasons) it is important that you immediately bring this matter to the Court’s attention so that your child support payments can be reduced appropriately by Court order. If you fail to bring this to the Court’s attention you will still be liable for child support payments as they were under the initial court order and you may not be able to afford both your child support payment and your regular monthly living expenses.

Take Action

By bringing this information to the Court’s attention via appropriate motions you have the opportunity to satisfy your child support obligations as well as maintain your standard of living. If you fail to bring this matter to the court’s attention and do not modify your child support in a timely manner, you may end up accruing significant child support arrears, judgment interest at 9% in the state of Illinois as well as potential attorney’s fees for the attorney representing the person to whom your support (all of which would be non-dischargeable in bankruptcy). Please note that the only proper way to reduce your Court ordered child support is through the Court; an agreement between the parties may not be sufficient in the eyes of the Courts.